Queirolo’s Vineyard Ica

Our Ica vineyards are located in the highlands of the Ica Valley, at the feet of the Andes Mountains, 60 Km from the coastline and over 500 meters above sea level. The soils are deep loam and the climate is desert weather, with fresh to chilly winters and sunny hot summers. Ica valley has a large thermal amplitude reaching differences of up to 20° Celsius between day and night, thus making this area a real oasis for ideal grape vine cultivation. We use drip irrigation and our harvest is done by hand.

Geographical Location: Ica, Km 300 Pan Americana Sur/Ica Valley. Area: 350 ha/Height: 500 meters above sea level.

Queirolo’s Vineyard Cañete

Our Cañete vineyards are located on the desert coast of Peru alongside the Cañete River, 3.5 km from the coastline. The soil consists of sandy loam and alluvial subsoil with gravel. The climate is desert, seashore weather with sunny summers tempered by the proximity of the sea. Sea breezes provide mineral notes and complexity to our wines. We use gravity irrigation and harvest is done by hand.

Geographical Location: Cañete, Km 151 Panamericana Sur/Cañete Valley. Area: 120 ha/Height: 50 meters above sea level.

Winery Plant

The winery receives grape varietals during the harvest season which is usually done between February and April.

It has the capacity to produce more than 5 million liters annually and is equipped with stainless steel vats with cooling systems. When we age our wines it is done in French and American oak barrels, which are kept in a temperature and humidity controlled room. For Pisco production we have a row of discontinuous Charentais pot stills. We also have a traditional still called a “falca”.

Winery Queirolo